[UPDATED] Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Removed From Stores

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition has been removed from Steam, and the Playstation Store

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SunnyZ2774d ago

Same comment could be made if your mum aborted you.

user66660472774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Lol good one. Also, I understand your sexual frustration at Duke being removed but I'm sure will provide you with all the Duke you could ever fap to. So calm yourself 'Kay?

CobraKai2774d ago

Well it looks like I ain't deleting it from my PS3. This is what sucks about digital downloads. The thought of games no longer being available. PT comes to mind

Skate-AK2774d ago

It will stay on your download list even if you delete it from your hard drive. You just can't buy the game anymore. I would say PT was an exception.

Skate-AK2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Edit: Meant to relpy.

KentBenMei2774d ago

Damn...knew I should've bought it. Digital is gay.

tanukisuit2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

UGH, if only we had at least 24 hours notice... kinda like what they did with "Brave Story: New Traveler".

This sucks! Add this to the list of other games we cannot buy ever again (like that Ninja Turtles one, and I think... Bionic Commando RE?).

MasterD9192774d ago

Duke has had a tough time making it in this millennium. It's sad to see any game get pulled like this, but especially one that fans still want to play.

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Months after declaring Tomb Raider unaffected by layoffs, Tomb Raider dev hit with wave of layoffs

Gamesradar writes: "Embracer Group's bloodbath continues as Tomb Raider dev Crystal Dynamics reports layoffs

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has suffered a wave of layoffs just months after insisting that the ongoing staff hemorrhage at parent company Embracer Group wouldn't affect the new Tomb Raider game or the studio's collaboration with The Initiative on the Perfect Dark reboot."

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-Foxtrot23h ago

It's sad that I'm more excited for the remaster trilogy than the new game.

Snookies1223h ago

Nothing sad about that, the original three were amazing games! Can't wait to explore the Croft manor again and find all the secrets... It's been ages, so I barely remember the games these days.

Rebel_Scum5h ago

lol secrets. You know the first thing you’re gonna do is lure the butler to the freezer and shut the door on him haha.

CobraKai5h ago

Im only disagreeing because it’s not sad. Im excited as all hell for these. I can’t even remember if i played 3, but 1 and 2 are still ingrained in my mind. I love remasters and im actually excited to play these in a clean looking “ps1” mode…. i guess that would be a “pc” mode.

-Foxtrot4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I’m not sad as in “I don’t want the remasters” I’ve wanted them for years. I’m super excited.

I’m sad with how they’ve handled TR over the years, I should be super excited for their next modern release but they have nothing but the remaster trilogy.

And I’ll say it…I didn’t care all that much for the reboot trilogy, it just didn’t feel like Tomb Raider at all. Like a new IP with Tomb Raider slapped on where you “become the Tomb Raider” for 3 games

CobraKai3h ago

Yeah. I agree. I think i got burned out on “realistic” Lara, thats trying so hard to catch up to Nathan Drake, that i miss the old adventures of Lara. The Lara that would be in a bath robe with a shotgun.

crazyCoconuts20h ago

"Crystal Dynamics made the difficult decision to part ways with 9 Brand/Marketing and 1 IT employee today due to an internal restructuring..."
Small layoff, hardly news worthy.

Tacoboto6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

With Aspyr handling the rereleases, what exactly would these CD marketing people be doing with no game release scheduled for any time soon? More yoga sessions on Twitch?

Knightofelemia20h ago

Embracer has left one hell of a mess and Tencent will be swimming around picking at the scraps.

RaidenBlack4h ago

ffs, Embracer is already looking to sell Gearbox ... Volition studio was shutdown
now, CD got affected and even affect Eidos aswell?
Better sell Gearbox to Sony
And CD & Eidos to MS
than shrink these studios to bare minimum


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XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Well I guess my hope is Sony isn't planning the Sam's thing? Because cloud anything isn't exactly my cup of tea tbh.

Christopher1d 2h ago

Microsoft is buying up IPs and eating a ton of costs to push people into it. I really hope people are resistant to an industry change in such a manner. I get it's an option people want, but Microsoft doesn't want to stop there. They want to get rid of hardware. They've said as much multiple times in the last two generations of hardware. I'd go full Steam/GOG before I went into the cloud. It's just not a good way to game, IMHO. Too many elements you can't control and the subscriptions already suffer the issue that video streaming sites suffer where you can't just rely on what you want being there when you want it.