FarCry 2 slaughters Halo 3's forge

Halo 3 has recently won the edge award for innovation thanks to its Forge (Item Editor) and Replay editor. For the last year, forge has allowed us to interact with the Xbox 360 like never before to create an almost infinite amount of map variations. This year, this is set to change completely.

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jack who4720d ago

oh just lik far cry 1? ill pass

Skynetone4720d ago

spent hours creating the perfect map

name4720d ago

Far cry 2 looks like it is much better off as a PC game rather than consoles. I've bought most of my games on consoles so far just for my friends list, but for this one it's all about PC.

JJMeH4720d ago

i agree with you there. IMO games designed for the PC (crysis, farcry 2) should be bought on the PC as they are obviously going to be best on the PC. The graphic quality of Far Cry 2 on the consoles will have no chance matching the might of the PC running the NVidia 280 or 3870 x2.

The other game i think should be only for the PC unless a keyboard and mouse is incorporated is RTS titles. From my experience they dont work as well on console as they can on PC. they hotkeys and precision of the keyboard and mouse are far better than that of the 360.

The Lazy One4720d ago

I'd rather have a console version that looks that good than run it on lowest settings (if at all) on my PC.

Just because someone's a gamer doesn't mean they have a gaming PC.

The Lazy One4720d ago

Easily the most impressive thing for me was the simplicity for it.

The only problem is that with it being so simple to create something that's pretty good, I can see a lot of potentially great maps getting lost, which kind of sucks.

timmyrulz4720d ago

Whats with the d1ck head headline? "Farcry 2 slaughters Halo 3", all they are doing is advancing the innovative forge mode that bungie created in the first place, a headline like "farcry 2 to advance on Halo 3's innovative forge system" would be better and less than a hint of fanboyism behind it

Rattles4720d ago

even time splitters 2 map editer demolishes halo 3s forge and that was a ps2 game.

Scrooge4720d ago

It's funny how everyone loves to bash Halo 3, yet it remains the standard that everyone tries to "slaughter". I guess that's called denial.

SpecialSauce4720d ago

there was no way to delete parts of the map plus stacking thinks un top of each other caused some glitches to occur. also there was no way to straighten things plus objects would float if they were sitting on top of another deleted object. Halo's physic system was wait a minute there was no physics system. innovation award plz. how can u give them an innovation award if they clearly ripped off far cry and the many other games AND shooters that do it better. LBP deserves that award not a simple un innovative game like halo.

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The story is too old to be commented.