Why Fire Emblem Fates May Fail

Hey Poor Player's Anthony Spivey writes - "In less than a week, Nintendo will be releasing the next installment of the Fire Emblem series to the United States. Or rather, two versions. For whatever reason, Fire Emblem Fates has been broken up into two games, with a third campaign coming at a later date. It is an exciting time for fans of the franchise, though I fear that there may some dark times ahead. Now, this does not cover the so-called “Controversial” petting mechanic, so rest assured on that."

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derkasan2779d ago

FE:A is a tough act to follow - hopefully Fates can pull through.

dead_pixels2779d ago

Keeping my fingers crossed. Eager to tear into my collector's edition in a few days.

3-4-52779d ago

* We get 3 Fire Emblem games.

I don't see it failing.

Want to play New Way? You can
Want to play the old way? You can
+ we get a 3rd route as well.

I wanted a game like Awakening....now I get 3.

Not sure how people can complain about getting this much content.

It's not like they are $40 each.....the SE = $80 for 3 games.

3-4-52778d ago

8 people mad they can't fondle digital female characters. lol

Sly-Lupin2779d ago

By all accounts it does.

My big worry is that splitting the game into (three!) parts may result in the individual parts not being able to stand alone very well.

Chaosdreams2779d ago

Yeah we will find out soon enough how the story holds up. Game mechanics I'm sure will be fine, but if the game feels like something is missing, we will certainly know why.

TheColbertinator2779d ago

Pokemon does this and no one gets on their case. Leave FE alone

Griever2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Pokemon has minor changes like few Pokemons are different here and there. Half of the plot is not sold separately. I consider it greedy even in case of Pokemon as they are trying to compel people to own both. But at least two versions force people to play together and exchange pokemons so it is acceptable to an extent.

That is not the case in case of FE:Fates. There have been numerous RPGs in the past that have had branching/alternative story paths and endings but they have never been sold separately as different games. In case of FE:Fates CE they even exist on a single cartridge. I think IGN reported that in their CE unboxing. Why cant they be sold as a single game? Branching story paths is not some revolutionary concept.

This is Nintendo just being greedy trying ot make more money of a single game. It is basically compelling the player indirectly to spend double the amount. They know people will want to find out the rest of the story so at least some of them will give them the extra money. It is a win-win for them and lose-lose for customers. They get double the money or at least the same as usual and you either pay double or miss half the plot. Other companies use season passes, dlcs and expansions to screw gamers. Nintendo just does it in their own way with unique style and fanboys do not even realize it.

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Eiyuuou2779d ago

Since, contrary to pokemon, the games are almost completely different I don't see a problem.

Sly-Lupin2779d ago

Er... that's not even close to being true.

The first half of each game is identical, a d the second halfs of each re-use a lot of the same content and assets as the other.

So while, yeah, they are more different to each other than your split Pokemon games, they're still pretty similar.

Eiyuuou2779d ago

Alright then, if you say so. I'm european, so I would have to wait for an unkwown amount of time to find out...

jts18912779d ago

That's not exactly accurate. Only the first 6 chapters out of 28 are shared between the two, and each version has 8 unique paralogues, with an additional six that are shared between them. Each version also has a different plot with an almost entirely different cast of characters. The mechanics also differ between each version. Birthright is more akin to Awakening with straightforward battles, whereas Conquest takes from older Fire Emblem games and requires you to complete different objectives. They share assets, but it's a far cry from Pokemon games.

jholden32492778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

No, the first 6 chapters are identical.

Out of what, 40-50 chapters?

I'm not sure where you learned mathematics but that's not exactly half.

jts18912779d ago

Yeah...I doubt it. One, this game has been out for nearly a year in Japan, and it's done well critically and commercially. Two, some of the changes make it more casual, but the hardcore players have Conquest for a reason. Three, this is the first 3DS I'll have bought in months. There is no competition.

Sly-Lupin2779d ago

Kinda true, but there are a lot of big JRPGs coming this year to compete with it.

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