Watch Donna Burke perform Metal Gear Solid V's Sins of the Father live

Watch Donna Burke perform Sins of the Father, the powerful theme song of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, at the Refugees International Fundraiser at the Shangrila Hotel Tokyo.

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DarkOcelet1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Her voice is so amazing!

And she is very beautiful :)

Nyxus1071d ago

Yeah, she's great. You should check out this CD where she did covers of several Metal Gear songs, including The Best is Yet To Come and Snake Eater: http://www.metalgearinforme...

DarkOcelet1071d ago

I listened to every cover she made a while back. I loved every one of them.

She seriously should be more famous with that voice of hers.

gaffyh1070d ago

whoaaaaaaaaaa hooooooooooooooo!