ADG Plays Dying Light: The Following "For The First Time"

Anthony "AntDaGamer" Dows from EGMNow & AntDaGamer plays Dying Light: The Following Expansion "For The First Time"

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AgentSmithPS43081d ago

I haven't played it yet :(.

The 1 looks like a penis in the top right of the tiny picture, maybe it's because I just watched Deadpool (liked it, and I'm glad it will offend some SJWs etc).


Phobias and Video Games Part One: The Negatives

Phobias can be debilitating, and sufferers may seek to escape into video games. But what if those video games contain the very thing they are trying to escape?

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Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition and Call of Juarez are $15 for 24 hours

Official Steam code retailer Fanatical has a 24-hour-only deal on Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition plus a copy of Call of Juarez for $14.99. A free Steam account is required.

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1810d ago

The Best Zombie Games on PS4

Fancy fighting your way through hordes of the undead? Here are 15 of the best zombie games available now on PlayStation 4.

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P_Bomb1893d ago

I’ve played almost all of these lol! Will try WWZ when it’s cheaper. Corridor Z I haven’t tried, don’t really play games on my mobile phone.