Two new content packs arrive for Dying Light: The Following

Carlos writes: "Dying Light may have been with us for a few years now, but in that time things have only gone to new heights. With even more content expected for everyone’s favourite first person, open-world zombie adventure in 2018, things are only going to get better yet."

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jaseo1378d ago

i'd love to see splitscreen added!

blackblades1377d ago

Would love for them to fix the fps.

opinionated1378d ago

I was letdown with how driving focused the expansion was but still, free content even to this day is pretty sweet. And the base game was fun as hell with buddies.

UnHoly_One1378d ago

I found that the driving was a refreshing change of pace, and there were still plenty of good areas to parkour around in.

opinionated1377d ago

I thought it took away from what was fun with the base game lol. My favorite moments were running with buddies during night and looking back to see my boy screaming like a little bitch. That shit was hilarious.

UnHoly_One1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I don't totally disagree.

I would have loved it if it was just more of the same, but I had fun with the driving as well.

One of my favorite games of recent years. Really wishing they would do a patch for the Pro and the One X.

OoglyBoogly1377d ago

With the addition of VR support in the last update I'm even more excited for this.

sk8ofmnd1377d ago

Wow i forgot all about this game. I loved this gem. I hope they do a sequel or prequel

foster4261377d ago

I love how this game is getting new updates just as I just started replaying it.

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