Xbox 360 is Best Console, I will not let it die

Rice Digital's ILJG explores some of the 360's more obscure Japanese Exclusives

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FallenAngel19842849d ago

I honestly couldn't understand why people would continue to deal with a console that constantly broke down or had as many hardware issues as the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 does have quite a number of noteworthy JRPGs. However if you were really into JRPGs, then DS, PSP, Wii and PS3 were the best platforms last generation for that genre.

DaveyB2849d ago

Great list. Some real gems there.

It was only the first gen hardware that had problems - the console itself was great, XBLA was an amazing platform for a huge range of classics and indie titles.

The Wii definitely wasn;t the best platform for JRPG - but by a mile. Vita is probably the best JRPG platform, followed by PS3 - but the 360 was pretty solid too, mainly has it had some of the best exclusives.

Vesperia, Odyssey, Undiscovery and Blue Dragon were amazing.

Patashnik2849d ago

Loved some of the more obscure stuff - Protect Me Knight is amazing, but almost impossible to find unless the 360 recommends it to you, as there's no packart and the title is in Hiragana.

FallenAngel19842849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

It was still a large percentage of original Xbox 360 models that had hardware issues. Personally if I had a console that frequently had hardware failures, made loud noises while running, or scratched discs as often as the Xbox 360 did I would be done with it. Or at the very least wait for the hardware manufacturer to fix these issues.

Microsoft eventually did fix these issues to its credit, but it still took 5 years after the Xbox 360 released for it to do so. That's too long a period of waiting in my book and I'd rather just get the rival console for a more stable experience in the meantime. In the past 5 whole years was the duration of an entire generation.

Wii had a number of JRPGs in addition to a wide selection of JRPGs on the VC. Vita wasn't a last gen platform so no reason to include it, PSP however was. PS3 still receives plenty of JRPGs to this day so it is the best last gen platform for the JRPG genre.

Xbox 360 still had plenty of JRPGs to its credit though

Ravenor2849d ago

It really wasn't 5 years, by 07-08 new 360's were fairly safe from RROD. In the time from the launch of the PS3 and 360 (05/06) I had multiple of both the PS3 and 360 die for different reasons. Granted it was more 360's than PS3 but the PS3 was not totally bulletproof. I also never had a 360 maul a disc, from launch with launch hardware until the 360 entered closet mode in 2013.

I think you're also glossing over what kind of trainwreck the PS3 was at launch and for awhile after. It wasn't like the PS4 and XB1 where the only real differentiation is hardware strength and software. The 360 did stuff a year before the PS3 was even released, did it better and had some great games in the first 2-3 years. It's clear why the 360 was a success with or without the hardware issues (Disk drive, power brick, or RROD).

Pogmathoin2849d ago

Fallenangel, your trying really hard to put 360 down. Yes it had issues, but especially in the early years, had the games, and with online gaming, nothing came close.....

Also, your profile name from the Alphaville song?

Godmars2902849d ago

Lost Odyssey. Everything else, aside from one Tales of title and then only the US, eventually came to the PS3.

Ravenor2849d ago

I don't think Blue Dragon went to PS3 either.

Orionsangel2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

@Ravenor What are you talking about? All I'm saying is some people don't wanna lose their huge digital game collection that can only be played on that particular console.

Orionsangel2849d ago

Because they have a huge digital collection of Xbox 360 games that they paid a lot of money for and won't see ever again if they sell the system. Don't give this compatible crap on Xbox One thing either. You and everyone else knows when it's all said and done. The majority of 360 games will end up not coming on Xbox One. It's just a fact.

Ravenor2849d ago

As opposed to zero on the competitors platform, sooooooo?

Godmars2902848d ago

People paid a lot for games on the first Xbox, just like they did with the PS1 and PS2. Yet when BC was removed as a option from the PS3 many were actually cheering. Paid some attention when MS started trying to bring first Xbox titles to the 360, but then everyone lost interest.

Really missing why its suddenly such a big deal now.

Kiwi662849d ago

Maybe people dealt with it because they still enjoyed the xb360 despite the issues

DaveyB2848d ago

I still love my 360.
I'd hate to lose my digital library :(

gangsta_red2849d ago

The Wii, was the best place for JRPG's?

Xbox 360 had every noteworthy jrpg for it and then some. What did they miss out on that would make those other consoles more appealing for that genre?

Thatgrammar2849d ago

"Xbox 360 is Best Console." Dog is best pet. See, it is grammatically incorrect and I just can't have that! "Xbox 360 is (was) the best Console." <There you have it, author.

Patashnik2848d ago

It's on purpose. As in;

'Chie is Best Girl'

DaveyB2848d ago

Yeah, what Patashnik said.

It's funnier that way.

Thatgrammar2848d ago

Then I guess I have no idea what that means, Patashnik.

BlitzKing2848d ago

I hope you know the 360 had better hardware than the PS3 so it definitely didn't break down when The Crew released for next-gen and PC. The Crew wasn't on PS3 due to the graphical issues. It made it on Xbox 360. I wish I could relive those glory days man.

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ScorpiusX2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

What a great console and great true exclusive line up.

b3l0kk2849d ago

I really want Microsoft to make the console region free in a future Dashboard update.

Minute Man 7212848d ago

Best at breaking down. My Xbox Slim I bought in 2011 the motherboard is bad while my PS3 from 2008 is still going strong. I still have games on my hard drive I haven't even played yet not to mention the games I bought my daughter :( Does anyone knows where I can find a brand new 4 GB slim? My daughter wants my 360 when I'm finished beating the games for it.

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