Juicy Alan Wake Bonuses Now Available with Quantum Break's Pre-Order on Xbox One

If you're planning to pre-order Quantum Break for Xbox One, it's available on Microsoft's Xbox Store, and the pre-order page now includes some juicy bonuses.

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CoNn3r_B1075d ago

Not bad, not bad at all. It's a shame I prefer physical copies though.

JRPG-FAN1075d ago

Great news absolutely LOVED Alan wake.

creeping judas1075d ago

Sweet, for some reason I never played the two DLC's for Alan Wake, but I did play American Nightmare. So this would entice me to purchase the digital copy over the physical copy.

Neonridr1075d ago

I enjoyed the DLC for Alan Wake more than American Nightmare. The Signal and The Writer are more in line with the main game, American Nightmare is a little more action-arcadey. Still good regardless, but feels a little less like Alan Wake.

DarkOcelet1075d ago

That is pretty damn awesome.

Alan wake with all the dlc and Quantum Break all for the price of 60$.

Great deal from MS. Day 1 for me!

Neonridr1075d ago

Wow, great deal, especially for those who haven't played Alan Wake.

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