Hitman: Absolution Backward Compatibility Coming to Xbox One

WorthPlaying writes, "At a Square Enix media event in San Francisco last month we had the opportunity to check out the new Hitman Intro Pack, but that wasn’t the only bit of Hitman news to drop.

When asked about backwards compatibility support for previous Hitman games, both Square Enix’s senior director of PR, Reilly Brennan, and Io-Interactive studio head, Hannes Seifert confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of Hitman: Absolution is coming to Xbox One via the backwards compatibility feature."

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Darckdog979d ago

Exellent news, wonderful resource. Well done MS.

ShadowKnight979d ago

How did you get one bubble and you just joined today lol

Bigpappy979d ago

Always good to know the library is growing.

Rookie_Monster979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Man, this year alone we already have Deus Ex, Witcher 2, and leaked RDR, L4D2, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Tekken Tag 2, and now another great X360 games will be coming to BC on XB1.

This is great news and BC is such a great feature to provide gamers with more games and ways to play and adding value to the GwG subscription service. Well done Phil and team.

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ShadowKnight979d ago

Great news even though I already got this game on Steam Cloud.