Deadly Premonition Retrospective Review

Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "I’ve talked before about media that’s so bad it’s good, stuff that reaches a level of terribleness and absurdity that it’s indistinguishable from genius. Ladies and gentlemen, Deadly Premonition, is the epitome of “so bad it’s good.” A convoluted plot that quickly goes off the rails and gets side-tracked, awful, awful controls, and the most bizarre music choices in gaming history. Despite these setbacks, when combined it all just finds a way to work. This game knows that it’s bad, perhaps intentionally tries to reach levels of cringe and weird that would normally be off-putting in other games. It weaves those feelings and awful game tropes into an unbelievably beautiful tapestry. The only parts of this game I would call legitimately terrible are the issues left over from Rising Star’s hack-job of a port. No, far from being a bad game, Deadly Premonition as the closest thing to perfection that any of us will–"

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