10 Sega classics you’ve never heard of

A nostalgic look back at some underappreciated titles you might never have played.

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PancakeLova1636d ago

Heard of all of these. Boring.

darthv721636d ago

Yeah, heard of all of these and own most as well.

InMyOpinion1636d ago

Weak list. I would put Floigan bros(DC) on there. That's a true hidden gem most people don't know about.

LastcenuryRob1636d ago

Most gamers who have been around at least 25 years has heard of most of these.

DualWielding1636d ago

Most underrated Sega game is Resonance of Fate

zerocarnage1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Heard of some of them. Sega have a fantastic vault and an even more fantastic opportunity. If only they made the only decent move in the past 20 years by actually creating these games out there vault in current gen graphics.

Either that or sell them to highest bidder so that they can be created by someone more competent than them in recent years..