Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Baroque

Delayed from its original June release, Rising Star Games' European outing of Baroque is due to arrive this Friday, August 22nd, 2008. A more hardcore offering than the publisher's other Wii release for August – Super Swing Golf – Baroque could well be the flip-side of Rising Star Games' all-encompassing market strategy, or it could simply be another title passed over by other publishers. Passing itself-off as a Role-Playing Game – a genre currently rather lacking on Wii – Baroque's unique twist is the way the title handles the death of a player.
Being a remake of a Saturn title that never saw the light-of-day outside Japan, many may be intrigued even before hearing of the much-touted reincarnation aspect. And this intrigue will mostly be raised among those whom the game has been directly targeted at. Much like Rising Star Game's other recent Role-Playing Game release...

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