How To Get A Homefront: The Revolution Beta Code

We’re all excited for Homefront: The Revolution

In only a couple of days the Beta will go live and here is how to get you're beta code.. Make sure you are truly ready for the revolution.

The Homefront: The revolution Beta will run from February 11 to the 14th.

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ScorpiusX1996d ago

Don't feel bad some of us on the other plat have been on that side of the fence . Plus that plat has received plenty of love while others haven't .

ASSASSYN1996d ago

I do not think this game is going to be anywhere remotely near good. Just a beta with plenty of problems, but I was ready for the mission to be over shortly after it started.

Lastlivingsoul1996d ago

Absolutely terrible. Don't bother.

Tankbusta401996d ago

The Home front premise is pretty good, this wasn't on my radar but I signed up for the beta to give it a whirl! Hopefully I will be surprised

Lon3wolf1996d ago

Same as although it was on my radar since they announced, I will try the Beta to see if I will buy it or not.

Sarah_Ch1996d ago

I have one code that I don't need it.

lipton1011996d ago

If you want to pm it over I'll give it a rip. Not too excited for it though. I was pumped for its predecessor and bought at launch only to realize hours later that I was burned $60

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