Here is What's Going on With Axiom Verge for PS Vita

"When Axiom Verge originally released on PlayStation 4, Sony and one-man developer Tom Happ promised a PS Vita version would follow soon after (with cross-buy support). It's been almost a year since its initial release, and unfortunately we still haven't gotten the excellent 'Metroidvania' game on Vita." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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eyeDEVOUR1998d ago

Love the game, but its annoying to wait this long for my cross-buy vita version. I wanted it for vita more than my ps4

brettnll1998d ago

I did as well. Been waiting to play it again for the Vita version

NukaCola1998d ago

This is taking so long, it seemed like an easy port. I wonder if The Witness will ever come to Vita. That seems to scream portable, especially since it may come to iOS (* pukes in mouth a little)

Scatpants1998d ago

I bought it the day it came out, but I've been waiting to play it until it comes out on Vita. This game just screams portable to me.