Game Trailers Set to Close After 13 Years

After 13 years, Game Trailers is closing down.

The new came via their official Twitter account, accompanied by replies from various developers, publishers and industry figures.

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Nyxus1992d ago

They just released a new forum, where did this come from?

PixelGateUk1992d ago

Their official Twitter and Facebook feeds, along with various staff tweeting similar.

Nyxus1992d ago

Yeah but I mean they had just started making all kinds of changes. This was posted just two months ago: 'What does the New Site Mean for the Future of GameTrailers? This is the final step in the long transition from Viacom to Defy. We're excited to explore new possibilities in offering cool stuff for everyone who has beared with us through this arduous journey, and we have a few in the works already.'

And now this, out of nowhere.

saywat2471992d ago

it's about time their website got really bland and boring and i used to like their website

Why o why1992d ago

Another one bites the dust

BG115791992d ago

I'll always remember them for their last reactions at the 2015 E3...

DARKKENT1992d ago

I stopped visiting GT years ago after their bias crusade to lie cheat and discredit ps3

On more than one occasion they got caught doctoring ps3 footage to make it look worse, or blatantly trying to pass off ps3 footage as 360 footage of the ps3 version was better.. And their apologies were soo laughable time and time again

I ain't into gaming to blindly follow media sites that have fanboy issues...

bouzebbal1992d ago

imo all fake media shall vanish.. i havent been on GT since YouTube became popular. The only reason i went to GT is to watch games videos.

UltraNova1992d ago

Maybe its for the better good, this site has never been consistent and as a result almost never fair to certain platforms, as proven time and time again even if through their laughable apologies tried to cover things up, the damage was already done.

I haven't visited this irrelevant site for 5 years now, thankfully I don't have to again.

VenomUK1992d ago

I'm sorry to hear this. Pre-YouTube/before it became so big I used to watch a lot of videos on GameTrailers.

Bonus Round panel show covered video game news. It was topical, and approach video gaming in a grown-up manner. Not by being all stern but just by having an understanding of the business and fun side. This was because of presenter Geoff Keighley who was so natural on the show. No over the top shouting and trying hard to be seen to be fun! Just intelligent conversation.

I also like Michael Pachter in Pach Attack although I almost always disagree with his predictions, he shares some great insights into the business side of things.

Kyle Bosman good too. Singing to Shuhei Yoshida who remains stone-faced. One of the funniest gamer videos I have ever seen!

But my favourite moment from them has to be the E3 Reaction to Sony's 2015 conference when FFVII AND Shenumue III were announced!

The business changes, but GameTrailers made some good programmes. I hope all the remainder staff go on to bigger and better things.

k2d1992d ago

Good night and good game forever, GT..

DarXyde1992d ago


I wish it were that simple (all fake news sites disappearing).

Unfortunately, those are the ones that often survive. Joystiq was one of the great ones. There was general Joystiq, then there were the specific sites within Joystiq per platform. They had very objective reporting, regardless of platform. It was nice. It was really my go-to site because their reviews very often aligned with my opinions of games.

It's a crying shame that, unless you're fishing for hits, you're doomed.

Keltech1992d ago

DARK/Ultra, I thought I was the only way one. I stopped visiting this site cause all of the 360 bias. I guess others saw the same and the traffic died down.

breakpad1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

i liked the site back then with Geoff , they managed to host a lot of first seen or exclusive trailers and alot of good shows (screwattack) ...but when they started to loose(and lose) from competition and retaining their pro-x360 nature it started the downfall ...still i m sorry that 1 of my most visited back then sites closes

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Crazyglues1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I can't even remember the last time I watched a trailer or anything on Youtube is were I watch all my game videos..

-So yeah this does not surprise me, they seem to have fell off years ago..

NukaCola1992d ago

GT always put spoilers in their videos so I never watch them.

TheFanboySlayer1992d ago

Yea Gametrailers really hit its peak right before Youtube officially blew up. I used to go there all the time because it was the only place to get goodd quality gaming videos but yea...Youtube has that now. They really should have transitioned over there early on in Youtube's lifetime instead because they probably could've been close I think to Gamespot's subscriber numbers. Oh well. Its done...All I want is Kyle Bosman to continue in the industry!

JVIV1992d ago

Angry video game nerd was the only reason I was there lol

nix1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

their 360 n PS3 comparison videos were so one sided. always favouring the 360. one time they even mixed the videos and said 360 video is PS3 one and vice versa. they were caught. that's probably the time i knew about them... and i decide to forget about them. haven't been to their site for like many years.

sad to see people lose their jobs though.

EDIT: just learnt that the employees didn't get any notification about the closure. that's a d*ck move.

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PixelGateUk1992d ago

I suppose we'll find out in the coming weeks.

From a person point of view (as someone who used their site a lot since 2007) the constant redesigns really turned people off. It became harder and harder to find things, sometimes even run the site.

I wasn't keen on the modern product, but that didn't matter, during the day it was my go to site. Shame to see this happen when much more toxic sites like Kotaku/Gawker remain.

Nyxus1992d ago

Been using the site for over ten years. It fell hard but things were looking up.

-Foxtrot1992d ago

" Shame to see this happen when much more toxic sites like Kotaku/Gawker remain "

They should have been gone years ago...I still find it strange we as a community can't banned them from here despite having the story quality button...but we know now it's fake and doesn't do jack shit.



Tell me how much do you know about today's gametrailers? because from your comment it doesn't seem like you know much.

Gametrailers is/was one of the best sites for original content, their weekly talk shows and podcasts were great with diverse and differently opinionated people. Also their full playthroughs were a joy to watch. Above all most of the people that worked there really enjoyed videogames and it really showed in the content that they produced.

So your comment is very biased and uneducated i have to say.

lsujester1992d ago

I may be wrong, but I think he was talking about Kotaku, not GT.

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DragonDDark1992d ago

Most of the employees didn't know too. They were surprised. Hope that they have new jobs soon.

Blaze9291992d ago

stopped going there years ago. Geoff Keighley kinda ruined it for me. And YouTube.

mike32UK1992d ago

Eugh Geoff tyrns my stomach. He's such a monotonous loser haha

Zeref1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I expected this sooner or later. Their content got really dull. I used to love to watch their Video Game Science in real life series with Dr. Michio kaku. But there were very few videos of them. Invisible Walls was awesome too.

I haven't visited the site in years and I think its the same for others.

UKmilitia1992d ago

i used to go there every day but it changed over years and i stopped using it.
shame though as it was great

butchertroll1992d ago

Farewell, Gametrailers! One the best gaming sites around. Their reviews were great.

oasdada1992d ago

Nooooo.. probably the only reviews I watch are from GT

otherZinc1992d ago

I'll never forget the guy reviewing Drive Club higher than Forza Motorsport and attempting to rationalize it.

Fake biased sites like Gametrailers & others need to continue to fold.

Rockstar1991d ago

I'll never forget how Driveclub should absolutely be rated higher than Forza...

Just sayin'

wellard1992d ago

Like many other people here have stated, I used to use Gt a fair bit for gameplay videos until YouTube took over in that respect. YouTube is a massive beast and it can't be easy staying afloat in that market.

jwatt1992d ago

I use to make a lot of YouTube montage videos using their trailers.

X-Alchemist1991d ago

Man I was visiting Gametrailers since 2008 and I was on the forums quite a bit while I was growing up. I loved this is really sad news. I hope they all find something else that utilises their talents in the future.

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DigitalRaptor1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

NOOOOOOOO. http://www.nooooooooooooooo...

GameTrailers has such great content of late. :'(

#HuberHype!!!! I wish all of the guys the best of luck wherever they move to next.

FlyGuyHung1992d ago

While I agree that they have TRIED to produce better content lately, as a long time loyal GT visitor (my homepage for almost a decade) its been a sinking ship ever since Shane left and they stopped Invisible Walls. Also doesn't help that lately they've become an anti-Xbox cesspool. Ian in particular is hugely annoying.
Also Mike D. leaving was a huge blow as it meant no more "Pop Fiction".

Wish the dudes there the best of luck, especially Mike Huber. He's class.

ravinash1992d ago

Ah yes, I remember when I had to work weekends on the helpdesk when no calls were coming in, I'd have invisible walls playing.

nosferatuzodd1992d ago

Noooooo I hear you brother so much memory's from that site the boss man is so fun to
Watch I'm depressed now I think I'll go lie down :(

Rookie_Monster1992d ago

Nooooo....I love Gametrailers. :( 

It has been a great ride and hoping all the staff members there will find new jobs soon. One of my most trusted source of gaming reviews.

crazychris41241992d ago

Anyone remember their show on Spike hosted by the Doritos Pope??

yeahright21992d ago

I remember it being advertised a couple times back in the day, can't say I ever watched it.

crazychris41241992d ago

I liked it but I would have to be surfing channels to stop on it. Wasn't going to go out of my way to make sure I watched them all.

P_Bomb1992d ago

This is nuts! Their reviews are more in line with my tastes than any of the other big name sites (I've no interest in anyone's opinions at ign, polygon, edge, eurogamer, gamespot). Not good. They're where I discovered AVGN etc.

Had a feeling something was going on when their various apps ceased working, Lol but it's still nuts! They *just* posted a Firewatch video review for PS4, which metacritic have erroneously listed in the PC section but not the PS4 one. Very sudden

sle7enn1992d ago

Try giant bomb. They have awesome people.

Salooh1992d ago

The only site that really feels honest , smart and fair when it comes to reviews , IF I ever question a game i go and check their review so their opinion have an effect to me( only them that i count ) , sadly from now on i will only take my opinion seriously :(.

You , i like you. So i will ask you this, Do you know someone else you trust ?. :D