Tom's Games Review: Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Ryan Lord Writes:

"Boxing games will always have a special place in my little gaming heart. I always get a surge of excitement every time I hear of a new boxing game being developed, although half the time they're not worth spending more than an hour with. Perhaps it's just nostalgia, but I really miss some of the great boxing games, even those that launched during the rise of the original consoles and PCs. Back then, action reigned supreme over realism, while today we typically see attempted realism more than anything else. Perhaps it was because of the limitations of hardware back then, but who really knows. Realism or action: there's just something fun about punching someone else.

When I first saw Prizefighter's ritzy announcement by 2K and learned of Don King's association with it, I really became excited because I thought that Don King of all people would pressure the studio to make the game as entertaining as possible. After all, Don King himself is renowned for his dedication to entertaining people. I figured that if something went wrong, Don King would just send a fighter over and have him set things straight."

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