Don King Presents: Prizefighter Wii delayed

Don King Presents: Prizefighter was released on the Microsoft Xbox 360 (to, it has to be said, mixed reviews) back in June of this year. Still, with Balance Board training tasks in the Nintendo Wii version, we were looking forward to its Autumn 2008 release...

...but now it appears that the title's launch on the Wii has been pushed back quite considerably, all the way until, according to the game's official website, March 2009.

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Monteblanco4487d ago

Considering how poor were the reviews of this game, I wouldn't be surprised if the delay is not to re-work much of the code to improve the product.

ChickeyCantor4487d ago

MArch 2009...around the time M+ gets out....

vashivihang4487d ago

very intrigguing

*strokes chin thoughtfully"

ChickeyCantor4487d ago

Don't hold your breath/open the vaseline bottle/expect much or anything....M+ could be Wii launch all over again XD
Working hardware with bad implanted control schemes.

Voiceofreason4487d ago

Good. Maybe they'll actually make it worth owning.

Killjoy30004487d ago

Didn't this game get lackluster reviews anyways? Don't fret over this, wii "Gamers."

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