New PlayStation Games for 2/9/2016

Posted by Ryan Clements on Feb 07, 2016 // Social Media Specialist
The Drop

Spectacular visuals. Fast-paced battles. And a staggering roster. The passionate Naruto fans at CyberConnect2 have crafted their most ambitious chapter in the Storm series yet. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is out this week on PS4. Believe it!

Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 features the largest roster in the series’ history, featuring heroes and villains from throughout the Naruto universe. As CEO Matsuyama-san has written to us before: “If you have a favorite Naruto character, chances are he or she will be playable!”

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Geobros1998d ago

Another nice week for PS consoles. Breath of Fire III was a nice surprise for me.

Relientk771998d ago

Breath of Fire III is fantastic

Geobros1998d ago

Yeap, the first 4 games of the series were awesome, specially for jrpg fans.

skratchy1997d ago

If only Breath of Fire 6 wasn't a mobile game only available in Japan.

skratchy1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I am hoping they bring on Breath of Fire 4 now as well. I loved 3, but something about the story and art style of 4 I really dug.

thekhurg1998d ago

Can't wait for Firewatch, should be a lot less annoying than The Witness was.

Whiskeyjacked871998d ago

Does breath of fire 3 have trophies? Just curious because ive been collecting lately.

skratchy1997d ago

I didn't even think of that! I hope so. That would be extra incentive to play it again.

Sarah_Ch1997d ago

Firewatch and unravel for me.

mike32UK1997d ago

Those + Dying Light DLC for me :) good week!

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