Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - Portable perfection

For most of Peace Walker's development, and even in early US promotional material, this 2010 PSP title had a grander designation - Metal Gear Solid 5: Peace Walker. The absence of a number on the final product can be put down to a hundred things: simple rejection of a 'main' entry being a portable title; the PSP itself entering its final years; perhaps a concern that series fans would revolt at the radical departure from Metal Gear Solid 4. Whatever it was, that number's existence says one thing about Kojima Productions' mindset with Peace Walker. This is no spin-off.

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DarkOcelet1078d ago

Spent almost a hundred hour on the PSP version. Its such an amazing game.

scark921078d ago

Loved every bit of it!

souljah451078d ago

Before Destiny we had this masterpiece

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