X360A: Too Human Review 7.8/10

X360A writes:

"Too Human in some respects is a deep and meaningful game. There were times when I was sat down reviewing it where the hours seemed to disappear from under me. I've always said that alone is the sign of a great game, but I've also said that when a game causes you to shout at the screen and launch the controller at the neighbour's cat because of its controls, it is doing something seriously wrong. A non-user controlled camera in this day and age of gaming is tantamount to making a car without air conditioning and this is frankly unforgivable. It should be a criminal offence and probably is in some countries.

It's a shame as well, because if you can get past that, Too Human is a deep and enjoyable game. Granted, it's a bit repetitive, but the skill tree and the general RPG side of the game is sophisticated and worthy of anyone's time. Too Human has laid the foundation for the next title and is not a bad start to a new IP, but it's got some distance to go become it can be labelled as a console shifting exclusive."

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La Chance5583d ago

So the really is a public for this game.

Unless its a conspiracy , looks like this game caters to a niche market.

Otherwise I dont see any explanation as to why the scores are so unconsistant.

5 overhere then 7 or 8 overthere then a 6 then another 7 or 8...

dachiefsman5583d ago

it goes back to the demo. people liked it or hated it.

Closing5583d ago (Edited 5583d ago )

WTF are you talking about inconsistent? Games ALWAYS get a few different score, but as you can see from the meta most people rated it in the low 7's. That same tired excuse makes you sound like you're in major denial instead you should just deal with it man. You should have known it was going to be not so great just from watching the trailers just like most people knew Haze was going to be garbage before it came out.

LossTheEarthbreaker5583d ago (Edited 5583d ago )

when he says, "inconsistent," that's exactly what he means. There is no major denial, it's actually very clear acceptance of this inconsistency. Games do always get a few different scores, but rarely so durastic in their differences.

Some scores are really low and seem to reflect ill-will towards Denis Dyack, which is warranted.

It's unfortunate that his game suffers as a result of his petulant pompous ass.

Lastly, the game is far from garbage. I'd argue that Haze isn't complete garbage, either. Play Timeshift? Pretty derivative but it had fun multiplayer. Same kind of thing here. It doesn't do a whole lot, but if it appeals to you, by all means play the damn game and stop debating about its review scores on the internets.

Closing5583d ago (Edited 5583d ago )

There is in no way drastic differences here from any other game. Haze got scores from anywhere to 3's to 8's, but the average was around 6 so this is no different, and if you look at most games you'll see the same thing. Hell even games like MGS4, which got an average of 10's to high 9's got some 6's. That's what meta scores are for.

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RazzerRedux1258d ago

Fun fact: I'm one of five people to have completed Too Human and actually liked it. It should be noted that the other four ended up in mental institutions....sadly.

excaliburps1258d ago

I completed it and kinda liked it. Controls were iffy but overall, I dug it. Shame Dyack was crazy. xD

IanTH1258d ago

Glad to hear it! So, when did you get out of the institution?

Marquinho1257d ago

Too Human was "The Order: 1886" of the 360.

Nitrowolf21258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I have never played this, mostly because I didn't own an Xbox prior to a few months ago Def. will check this out

darthv721258d ago

It certainly has a cool story and its a good game. it was just marred by long development time and kind of egotistical creator.

Looper1258d ago

Hey!! I was told survivors had all signed an NDA! I'm telling!

Kribwalker1258d ago

i really liked this one too. Always wished for a sequel, but sadly i don’t see it in the cards

excaliburps1258d ago

Yeah, it had a solid story and game mechanics. I remember the controls weren't smartly implemented, and every time you respawned, the animation was so long.

Fantangoooo1258d ago

I can't count the number of times I finished this game gridding for gear. Weird control but I liked it

Neonridr1258d ago

sounds very Polybius to me..

Poopmist1258d ago

Me and my friend beat it so many times. I got the best armor mathematically possible in it. Great game imo but their needed to be more tutorials on how runes work. The one that spawns singularities upon hitting someone was cash.

DerfDerf1258d ago

I actually really enjoyed it.

RamRod881258d ago

I beat it too. The controls were weird, but once I got use to them it was okay. I found the story to be actually half decent. Too bad there wasn't a sequel because I really believe if they have fixed the issues the first game had(controls, camera, etc), it could have been a great series.

HyperMoused1258d ago

I though it was great too, yay us

Anomander1258d ago

Beat it as well. it had a good story line. Overall it was decent.

glennhkboy1258d ago

I remember that I played the 1st stage. The control was so bad that I couldn't force myself to continue.

morganfell1258d ago

Fun fact...you're actually one of six :) That game was the reason I kept an Xbox 360 running until they released the very last B/C titles and it was among them.

Chronicle7801257d ago

I thought the game was ok, clunky but ok. Every time I go back to play it though it takes 20 minutes for the controls to 'click' again. Pity most of the advanced combos and controls aren't listed anywhere in the game.

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omegaheat1258d ago

Wait, people actually liked this game???????

Profchaos1258d ago

Liked not loved. It's like a cheap dominos pizza it's not great but it's serviceable if your starving