XCOM 2: How to Get Supplies

You're going to need a lot of supplies in XCOM 2 if you want to recruit forces and complete research. Here's how to get some the easy way.

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PerfidiousSinn1996d ago

This is definitely not a game to relax and unwind to. Tons of stuff to stress out about all the time!

--bienio--1996d ago

Which is good I'm right??

Maxor1996d ago

I have never played a strategy game where the choices are so agonizingly difficult because you essentially need everything but you can only choose one path.

Now combine this with the fact that I'm playing on ironman where every single choice, every single step matters. Dark Souls and Bloodborne is a cakewalk compared to this.

ShadowKnight1995d ago

I'm having a blast playing this game!!