How The Division Is Separating Itself from Destiny

Game Rant:

We chatted with Julian Gerighty, the associate creative director for The Division, about similarities being drawn between the game and the blockbuster Destiny.

Now that Ubisoft’s The Division is firmly on the horizon – and the recent closed beta only just shuttering this past week – gamers have started getting excited for the third-person shooter. Taking place in New York City following the outbreak of a biological terrorist attack, the game looks to blend its post-apocalpytpic aesthetic quite well with its multiplayer core. Of course, the multiplayer aspect of the title has already drawn comparisons from players about similarities to Bungie’s popular first-person shooter, Destiny.

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die_fiend2004d ago

I know some people still play Destiny but I think if you got it when it came out, you've done everything there was to do so long ago that there's no way you can still be playing.

The Division is new and looks more intriguing. To think that it's needing to 'pull Destiny players away' to be successful is a fallacy. If people can play Destiny for 15 months and not be bored stiff repeating themselves, then those people don't need to move on, they need to stay on Destiny.

ninsigma2004d ago

That's the same as any game really. There's only so much that can be done and how long you can do it for until you're ready to move on. Just needs new content. Another expansion is sorely needed and will be welcomed. Nice to have a new contender in the same space though. The division is shaping up nicely and might kick bungie into action to release more stuff.

die_fiend2004d ago

That's true to an extent, but Destiny was actually built around redo-ing the same things on a weekly basis. That's turning the whole thing into a chore - some people living their lives around 'reset tuesday', so that they can keep ahead of everyone else. A game shouldn't reward people purely on how little else people have to do. Not that I was complaining with Destiny for the first 50 hours or so, but hitting the end of that 'story' was perhaps the least satisfying conclusion ever. The Raid makes up for it tho.

The Division has no such restraints - play it when you like and do what you want.

objdadon2004d ago

Totally different games for real. Im getting the division but the beta definitely didn't grab me like destiny's beta. As a solo player i can't stand the darkzone. I'll just play the single player.

ninsigma2004d ago

I get what you mean. You're right that it's built around grinding the same content. TTK story was a lot better than the original game but I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, they need to bring halo 1 style missions into destiny. Long epic levels as well as the short ones that's there now. The world is amazing so they should show everyone how epic "making our destiny" can be instead of piece meal missions that last 10 minutes, back to the Tower, back to whatever planet to do another 10 minute mission that's very similar to the last. Lots of room to make it epic.

Yeah the raids rock. Put so much time into kings fall.

What I like about the division is the seamless transition between sp and mp. And the dark zone is so intense at times. Looking forward to the full release and have the whole area unlocked with even more players in it. It's gonna be fun.

Kyosuke_Sanada2004d ago

Honestly after seeing what the story offers so far and avoidance of the god-awful loot system, its already a few steps ahead of Destiny in my opinion.