IGN: Crytek says New Engine in 2012

Speaking at Games Convention Developers Conference 2008 in Leipzig, Germany, Crytek CEO and President Cevat Yerli said the studio's next engine should be ready for sometime in 2012.

As of right now, he says, the degree to which graphics can represent real-life is bottlenecked by a lack of new hardware. He says GPU and CPU technology are converging, evident in the new technologies in development at Nvidia and ATI, as well as what Intel's doing with Larrabee.

Until the growing trend of CPU and GPU convergence is more defined, developers will have to focus on increased graphical stylization as well as more advanced physics and AI programming...

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Jellzy4780d ago

'Yerli mentioned that the PlayStation 3 required an extra degree of work, but the company is convinced it's worth the effort to get the engine running properly on Sony's platform.'

Its nice to see another developer taking there time too properly and efficiently develop there proprietary engine on the PS3.


Unreal Engine 4 vs CryEngine 3 Year 2012 at the PS4 and Xbox 720

Jellzy4780d ago

Hmm.. CryEngine 3 vs. Unreal Engine IV... Never really thought about that, but lets not forget id Tech 5, and by then a possible id Tech 6?

LarVanian4780d ago

Man I can't even imagine what this engine will be able to produce


In order to play the new monster game(monster does not mean gorgeous game, but monster who will really kill you ), you have to kill your parents and sell their organs to afford a machine that can run this crap!No sir, I love my parents!

Jellzy4780d ago

lol, Im sure my parents wouldnt mind too much... It is ofcourse, all for a gd purpose, 1 im sure they'll understand. :)

OOG4780d ago

I cant imagine the powerplant youll need to run it :/

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