OXM Denis Dyack interview

As the public figurehead for Too Human, Denis Dyack has never been short of something to say. Speaking to OXM, the director talks technology, the Marketplace demo and why some people just don't get it.

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JUUKENS HOT3716d ago

10 years in the making i think you dont get it

Jamie Foxx3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

i never knew is it one a decade? joke,i jest bringing humour to the sad news that is too human

guess we can all agree that we hope the other two fare better than the first one

nieto3716d ago

it seems that every game on the box it's a trilogy. Halo was going to be a trilogy, gears it's going to be a trilogy and now too human a trilogy.

DaKid3716d ago

Trilogys are pretty common in entertainment.

himdeel3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

...Too Human is entertainment?

...Too Human is entertainment.

That's what the reviews are saying. I'll wait for my own personal reviewer to get his hands on a copy. I call my reviewer my brother lol

DaKid3716d ago

I see what your doing, but for those who don't... I meant the Entertainment Industry.

yesah3716d ago

Denis Dyack- future WWE champion

rexor07173716d ago

If they don't understand the game, it wont sell.

StephanieBBB3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

*Quote*"But what we're also seeing is for the people who don't like it, generally just don't get it. And it's because we've created something so innovative and different. It's ironic, it just shows that human nature of if you don't understand something, you immediately attack it. It's pretty interesting in that regard."*Quote*

So I which played MGS4 and understood the whole story and haven't played MGS 1-3 is too stupid to understand Too human?

Give me a F***ing break from the BS spewage Denis. Is your game?

Innovative? No.
Halo + Dynasty warriors + Diablo 2 + Vikings = Too Human. Wow that's really thinking outside the box.

How would I know, the cut sceens are too embaressingly bad to look at and the combat system is move your thumb and occacionally use the other RB button when your combo meter is up. Loot and character development doesn't mean that the game is deep. What about story?

Fun? If you like looting and dungeon exploring this is the game for you but if you like anything but that it's not for you. That dosn't mean that those who dosn't like the game are stupid.

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JUUKENS HOT3716d ago

too human was in development lomger than both of those titles put together

Silogon3716d ago

Please tell me your name is a joke and please tell me that agree you've got is in support for too human sucking and not your name being vindicated.

nieto3716d ago

juuken is probably ugly. so i don't understand all the attention she's attracting. come on you really have to be a real loser to do something like this...

kazuma3716d ago

she might be hot, some pics of her would be nice

juuken3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Excuse you?


And no guys, you will not see pics of me.

Diugu3716d ago

She is as hot as a erupting volcano.

Yes, she is. (:

kazuma3715d ago

come on, why not?

just a face pic.
i'm single and ready to mate.

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xhi43716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

"Er... no. I don't know. You're asking questions... I've never been asked that question before"

lol funny

oh n can sum1 be a good bloke and bubble me, one of mine got taken away after accidentally said x%$#. cheers

Mr PS33716d ago

You game is a Big Pile of Steaming Monkey Crap

Too Ridiculous to give a good score = FLOP

TheColbertinator3716d ago

At first I thought this game was decent.But the reviews are giving 5s and 6s...I will get something else

kevnb3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

but I suggest trying it yourself and not letting critics decide for you. I haven't tried it yet, so I cant tell you if the critics have it wrong or not. By the way, the title misrepresents the article.

littletad3715d ago

Of games cherished and loved by gamers regardless what the critics said. I'd rent the game first before making your purchase decisions.

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