Gamer Equality.. "I Have a Dream"

This could be a touchy subject, then again it may not be for most gamers. But I see it everyday, each forum I goto and each game I play. Girls getting bashed for playing non-standard game. By non-standard im talking playing Halo 3, GoW, Forenza, etc … rather than Hello Kitty, and puzzle type games. Alot of guy gamers stereotype girls when it comes to console / PC gaming. The other day playing Halo 3 I hear some kid yell "Show me boobs or gtfo" Im mean come on..

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Vamps13710d ago

well said well said you almost had me in tears jk but for real some of the guys now adays are just some big sore f0ckin losers haha i like girls and i like girls that like to play video games so in my opinion girls need to keep playing cause a girl that is playin a game with you cant be b1tching cause your playin a game! thats how i get it haha! Vamp-