British woman fined £16k for P2P game sharing

Game sharing on P2P networks - woman fined £16k in landmark UK case

A British woman has been fined over £16,000 for putting a game file on an online sharing network.

Topware Interactive won damages of £6,086.56 plus costs of £10,000 in this landmark case against the woman who shared a copy of its game, Dream Pinball 3D.

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Silogon3808d ago

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

It's not even a good game, atleast put up a game worth the cash flow. Dream Pinball, might as well just tossed up too Human. Both suck monkey F*ck and neither are worth their retail price tag, let alone 10 + grand.

sak5003808d ago

Its the 2nd time something similar happened with the same game. Someone in USA was also fined for hosting the same $hitty game. Why are people sharing these kinds of lame games?

gamesR4fun3808d ago

but i dont doubt the uk is in the cooperate pocket just like the rest of us.

Ice2ms3808d ago

16k oO thats load for such a lame game. I wonder what'd happen if rockstar found the people who leaked GTA 4 on to the internet pre-release

ali3123808d ago

And so it begins, this is becoming a joke, what the hell is this bullsh** pinball game anyway. Its not even worth that amount anyway. This is a crime against normal people

Infernus3808d ago

So people who buy games aren't normal?

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The story is too old to be commented.