StarCraft 2 Graphics Requirements Confirmed

As the SIGGRAPH event is over for this year, there are some quite interesting things that have been revealed through it. Of course the new cooperation between Blizzard and AMD originally seemed to be of some interest at first glance, but IncGamers' StarCraft network site; has let their tech guru loose on some of the papers that were published for the lectures by AMD, and has come to much more interesting conclusions.

The cooperation between AMD and Blizzard surely seems to be more than just a PR trick or getting free graphics cards for BlizzCon, as the documents Blizzard provided themselves hold new, exclusive information about StarCraft 2 system requirements. In this case "only" the requirements for graphics cards, but you will find out a lot more information from this with the help of PC hardware expertise and thorough analyse:

"This is in line with information provided by Xordiah in QA session 13 that the game required Pixel Shader 2.0 support. My article last month, StarCraft 2 System Requirements, contained my analysis in which it became clear that in terms of the GeForce series, the FX line was the bottom grade. This appears to be complete confirmation, the graphical situation was as I expected. I appear to have been near dead on regarding ATI Radeon cards as well."

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SCFreelancer5336d ago

I know the ATI 9800, but the Geforce FX series? I can't say I know where those stood in the whole lineup? Does anyone know which Geforce card preceded/followed these?

kalos5336d ago

The Geforce 4 series came before the FX, and the Geforce 6 series followed it. Essentially FX = 5, but Nvidia were being fancy and creative/confusing the consumer (fairly stupid strategy to sell things TBH)

The FX series is long outdated, released in 2003 and replaced by the 6 series in 2004; the 8 series is now looking a little faded and on the way out. Technology moves so fast. When they developed SCII, the FX was the best consumer card one can get, now it's not even worth the silicon its made out of. Game development for products that don't yet exist is tough.

SCFreelancer5336d ago

@Kalos: Thanks. I remember how happy I was with my Geforce Ti4600 back in the days ;) Good thing is that it looks like both my laptop (GF 8 Mobile thingy) and PC (7900GTX) will be able to run this beauty without to much problems.

kalos5336d ago

Was pretty hard to find that document, but the rewards were definantly there. Confirmation from Blizzard themselves on what graphics cards the game engine was designed in mind for, right from development. Hope it proves useful to someone!

Wonder why Blizzard didn't release this formally if it was just going to spill out when one person got smart and recognised it's value? Not that I don't mind cloak and dagger work, keeps me in work and all.

Leord5336d ago

Lol, if this is you in work, I want to keep you occupied! =D

Great job, man!

Terrice5336d ago

Excellent find Kalos, and an interesting insight into the development ideas for Blizzard.

Fallen625336d ago

Great work! I'm really looking forward to SC2 and, since I will be building a new computer in the next few months, it's great to know what I will need ;)

Leord5336d ago

Just the fact to know how Blizzard designed the graphics management by the PC is really good to know. My old can with a sub-par MOBO of today can still run the game with a new good card!

Synteny5336d ago

While my initial reaction to the partnership was bad (I don't like ATI) it does seems that is has brought some benefits. The paper is surely to be quite technical, but it is a priviledge to have an insight into Blizzard's modus operandi

Leord5336d ago

Indeed, even though I don't get half of the contents of the actual document. The article is at least easy to read an understand.

Bonsai12145336d ago

what about us intel integrated people?

Leord5336d ago

That is a very good question. I assume that there will be good support for all cards, but obviously have the edge with AMD.

Did you read the article specs? I am just too bad with hardware to be of use...

kalos5336d ago

While Intel Intergrated and gaming have never been happy campers, I predicted that the GMA 900 and above should get the game going. Though to be honest, to enjoy this game Radeons and Geforces are far superior to Intel's efforts.