Spyro the Dragon Recreated in Unreal Engine is So Gorgeous

Insomniac's Spyro the Dragon games were pretty great looking back in the day, but these screenshots in Unreal turn them from great to gorgeous.

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Kalebninja1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Looks too good, i'd kill for a new entry like the originals.

OT: god dammit, can Activision at least re release the Crash and Spyro games. Its annoying trying to go through the emulators to play them. i still cant believe they bought these franchises and buried them.

GigawattConduit1966d ago

For real, Spyro deserves so much better than how he's been treated lately. He got Rayman'd outta his own series at this point. And Crash...ugh.

3-4-51965d ago

I prefer the original brighter colors.

Unreal Engine has bland colors.

-Foxtrot1966d ago

That's amazing.

Imagine what a huge development team could do with these games.

Sony need to use some of that money gained from the PS4 to buy Spyro and even Crash back. It would be such a good investment.

Skylanders has moved on without Spyro now and Crash is never used. They are just sitting there and I honestly think Activision are so proud that they won't sell them because they know Sony will do a better job with them

GigawattConduit1966d ago

If Sony was able to get the rights back to even ONE of those, I would have the best heart attack and die with a smile on my face.

Milkandcookies1966d ago

Can't believe how good that looks.

GigawattConduit1966d ago

I need it to exist. Like, if I were Sony and saw this, I'd demand the rights to Spyro and Crash back so this could be a thing.

idlet1966d ago

I mentally bought this

GigawattConduit1966d ago

I mentally am five years old again as I watch this video

Relientk771966d ago

I want ps1 Spyro back. Give it back to Insomniac Games

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