GamerVision Review: Spectral Force 3

GamerVision Writes:

"As a fan of tactical RPGs it is easy to find yourself saddened by the current state of games. Some, like Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2, attempt to reinvigorate the slowly dying genre, while others, like Spectral Force 3, pinch the I.V. cord and hope for a quick death. I was genuinely excited when I picked up Spectral Force 3, hoping for something to bridge the gap in-between FFTA2 and Disgaea 3, but found nothing but disappointment around every bend.

The game's story, which has all the plot depth of Madden 2009, has very little going for it. The story follows a mercenary group who sort of gets involved in a big war. That's about it. Their involvement never bubbles up to a huge level and the war never becomes more important than getting more jobs to pay the bills. This could have been handled in a more dynamic way, but it wasn't, and the game feels worse for it. Although I criticized Final Fantasy Tactics A2 for not focusing deeply enough on a story I feel like it suffered less than Spectral Force 3 did – at least it had some things going for it."

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