Blu-ray Debuts Next Week

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just confirmed that the first batch of Blu-ray movies will arrive in US stores next Tuesday, 20th June. Is this the start of a new format revolution, or the beginning of the end for Sony?

The films to be released are all fairly bland, mainstream fare - 50 First Dates, The Fifth Element, Hitch and the House of Flying Daggers – and are being released for hardcore, home cinema buffs to use on Sony's Blu-ray compatible PC or on one of the first Blu-ray players from Samsung.

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OutLaw6514d ago

Whats funny is I wonder if Sony spoken to Samsung about their blu ray being delayed.

TheMART6514d ago

This is really funny no BetaBluRay player to be seen untill fall of this year, so where should people play it on?

Damn what a bad introduction this is

OutLaw6514d ago

I could see it now. Wow I have my blu ray movie. Man look at that shine. Then my friends go. Hey dude what are you going to play on? Then I tell them that it isn't a problem. I just have to wait for the player to come out in the fall.

THAMMER16514d ago

Toshiba did the same thing to with HD-DVD the movies were out before the hardware too. Don’t get it twisted I am not defending Sony or anything like that. I’m simply pointing out a fact. I may get the HD-DVD add on for my 360 but I am in no rush, even for PS3 or Blue Ray.

bernie6514d ago

Bluray titles delayed, other bluray titles removed, actual hardware delayed till September (second delay in the last month), twice the price of HD-DVD. Follow this link to find out whats happening, great honest site.
I'm looking forward to Goodfellas, The Bourne Supremacy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & Serenity! So its got to be HD-DVD.

THAMMER16514d ago (Edited 6514d ago )

What is really cool about this is it will be a good way to gage how many people will be early adapters to blue ray. It could also be a clue into how they plan to launch the PS3.

shotty6514d ago

So the blu-ray movies will be in the bargain bin before the players even hit the market. LOL

Lucidmantra6513d ago

ROFLMAO... theyll go so fast they will have sharpie markdowns on the wrapper.

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What the game industry must do to prevent occupational burnout

Game industry working conditions are improving, but occupational burnout still runs amok. Studios and workers have the power to slow it down.

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anast8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Quite being abusive to the workers and hold management accountable.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Reportedly Sold About Half of What FF7 Remake Did in the Same Timeframe

The acclaimed open world action RPG is "underperforming" where its sales are concerned, according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

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raWfodog1d 13h ago

“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Reportedly Sold About Half of What FF7 Remake Did in the Same Timeframe”

Makes sense to me since the current PS5 base is about half of what the PS4 base was when FFVII Remake released.

There were about 113 million PS4’s in consumers hands worldwide in 2020 when FFVII Remake was released (towards the beginning of COVID lockdown no less).

PS5 sales currently sits at about half of that (50-something million. We are not in COVID lockdown so many people are not as bored as they were 4 years ago and not in a rush to buy every video game coming out at release. Some PS4 owners may not have upgraded to PS5 yet and therefore can’t buy the sequel yet. And, of course, some who played Remake just might not be interested in Rebirth.

It just seems pretty disingenuous for an analyst to ‘analyze’ a situation when there are so many mitigating and unequal factors involved.

OtterX1d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

Yes, this and also finishing part 1 of the Final Fantasy Remake trilogy weighs heavily on it too. There's always a huge percentage of gamers who never finish the games they purchase. It's not always due to lack of enjoyment, but also life priorities etc. But factor that into the knowledge that Rebirth is a straight continuation of the story, and enjoyment lies heavily on having finished the first, you can begin to understand why not as many players jumped in. But absolutely too, the lesser install base of the PS5 played a huge role!

jjb198114h ago

I started the game when it came out, played about 2/3 of the way through and finished the rest in the last month before rebirth came out. There are just too many games and too much adulting to do.

Eonjay56m ago

It sold about half... with about half as many PS5s available as PS4 had when it launched in 2020. So... the tie ratio is about the same. As PS5s continue to sale it should eventually match Remake. It's a really good game.

jambola1d 4h ago

Excuse me sir
Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said this 🙄

Obscure_Observer15h ago

"Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said this 🙄"

That guy is director of research & insights at Niko Partners.

But he shouldn´t be trusted according to some "trust me bro" N4G random. Smh

13h ago
Barlos11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Obscure Observer, so by your logic, we should also trust Pachter? Come on, it's like you're not even trying any more.

MrNinosan4h ago

"We cover China, Chinese Taipei, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam."

Yepp, very trusted and the biggest areas for videogame sales.

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Tody_ZA11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

@raWfodog You'd think an analyst would catch these facts, but just goes to show what gaming analysts are made of. We've only in the last year moved to PS5 only games, in addition to the install base cross-gen has been around for years. There are a lot of PS4 players still over there. It's amazing when people compare things whilst isolating all the significant facts.

And Rebirth being a direct sequel is also valid: anecdotally, I've just started FF7 Remake a week ago and I'm loving it, on Chapter 8, but I'm obviously not going to buy Rebirth until I complete the story which will take time.

Ironmike1h ago

But it's hasn't sold as much the articles om Google stating bit so what if it hasn't the game is still great better than remake which tailed of in middle-of-the- game

TheEroica6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Apologists always know what to say... 👍
Is it possible to squeeze in one more excuses for FF7 sales? Go for it!

Tody_ZA2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

@TheEroica Understand the meaning of the words you use or don't use them. An apologist argues in defense of something controversial or problematic. Pointing out relevant facts that an analysis or article did not take into account is constructive feedback and discussion. There are great movies, games and other forms of art that don't sell as expected, but later gain financial success.

Example? The Godfather Part 2 underperformed financially compared to its predecessor but is widely hailed as one of the greatest films and sequels of all time and is still influential to this day. And no, I'm not comparing Final Fantasy 7 to the Godfather, before you draw that strawman. There is one loose similarity however in that Rebirth is also overwhelmingly acclaimed and considered superior to the first.

Given the decision to split Final Fantasy VII into three separate games, of which Rebirth released exclusively for PS5 leaving the PS4 install base behind, and the final installment due in 2027, the sales performance is a bit more of a conversation than you're trying to make it out to be.

Crows904h ago

Didn't even mention price increases across the board for all games...this causes all people to be more picky and limit game purchases