Resistance 2 Beta Glitches Leaked video

A Clan which goes by the name of BrJ Today has got out of 2 Maps in the
Resistance 2 Beta, They have leaked the Gameplay, And outside of 2maps..
In the video you see the Handgun, The carbine, And outside of 2 Maps which
is rare at such an early stage of the game!

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red_ring_of_death3713d ago

thats what i meant 2 say
thats why its a beta

TheHater3713d ago

you can notice that it is an early build of the game.

BulletToothtony3713d ago

that is night time in that one map.... that's awesome... i love maps at night time... as long as you can still see campers of course

Hagaf223713d ago

this game still has work to be done, hints why its in beta status, i hope these douches get banned from playing any more, they are totally trying to recruit people by showing a beta video, which they shouldnt have taped, and proving that they have no fps skills at all...

Bubble Buddy3713d ago

Has Insomniac ever let us down yet? They will fix any glitches.

Violater3713d ago

It is amazing these dudes can go through all that trouble to find glitches and cant make a clear video.

highdro3713d ago



xhairs93713d ago

Who cares? I mean seriously, BETA doesn't equal FINAL. If it was a demo, then, and only then, would I even consider this video worth a turd. Not to mention you can tell whoever is playing in the video is about 10 - 14 years of age. Here's my list of signs:

1) He does the glitch over and over again every time for about 8 times to prove he's doing it.
2) The horrible kiddy-pop-gangsta music he put to the game.

'nuff said.

Seraphim3712d ago

as stated above, BETA. Do people not actually understand the point of beta testing? It's for gamers to help developers find and address bugs. Instead of only doing in house beta testing they're opening these games up for gamers to also become a part of the quality assurance team. In some sense I can't even believe this was posted. It's a Beta people. Very few, if any beta tests have absolutely zero bugs. It's a matter of whether or not there are a few or are a lot because I've been in some awful betas that might as well have been unplayable and at the same time I've been in many more that were excellent... Crap like this being posted if against user agreements for the beta and if it continues developers might go as far to say bye-bye beta testing...

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elasu3713d ago

wow cool i get to see outside the map and i get to see more of r2 beta! great thanks

InMyOpinion3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Funny, people are reporting it saying "Youtube is not a source of news".

Here is Resistance 2 beta footage -


Btw, hate the music. Bubblegum hiphop...

ultimate9203713d ago

But at least this glitch is not one that gives advatage to the other team,

They should have put Adagio For Strings, best trance song ever...

Anyway, f*&% glitchers...

yoghurt3713d ago

not sure I understand why its a glitch

Ju3713d ago

He's outside the map. Interesting that they don't cut the depth but render the full environment in that case...