10 Most Powerful Weapons of All Time

Twinfinite takes a look at some of the most powerful game weapons of all time.

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Orejillz1020d ago

That Blue Shell. One of the few weapons on this list who's power is felt in the real world after you blast somebody sitting on the couch next to you lol.

FlipSwitch1020d ago

I'm surprised they didn't give a mention to anything from Turok. There were a few guns in there more powerful than any weapon in any other game from what I remember

SaveMeJebus1020d ago

Yes, the Chronoscepter and the Fision Gun. I liked the Fision Gun better but the Chronoscepter was more powerful.

FlipSwitch1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Thanks for the names. They were the 2 I was thinking about. I used to love the Chronosceptor. Man It's been along time since I played tarok

Orejillz1019d ago

forgot about that chronoscepter. That was such a ridiculously powerful weapon.

FinalomegaS1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

i bought an N64 (ultra64) just for that game. then turok2 just made my day.

the Fusion Cannon gun was great... no aiming needed LOL ashes to ashes dust to dust. Pretty much what happens to everything including bacteria.

Chronos was more a boss killer. Watch the bosses HP bar drop like a F&^% ton... if not one hit.

to this date there is no game that brings this sort of power to the user. I think when Acclaim made that game they were aiming for most destructive force possible. I remember the EGM issue when they went in detail on the making of turok. That could use a ******real**** remake in HD for 1080 60fps all NEW models. The particals from those weapons would be some serious eye candy.

I love those 2 games ( part 3 death match just killed it)

FlipSwitch1018d ago

Yes I remember Turok 2 also. Is that the one with the Cerebral bore? Or was that 3?

When i got my N64 I bought mario and Turok with it. Crazy to think that I paid £70 for Turok. N64 games were expensive as heck

FinalomegaS1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

cerebral bore was #2

these weapons would be so brutal in todays fps lol

90$ CND with taxes 110$ for me...

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madsenhayes1020d ago

Definitely the blue shell. Knights of the Round is ridiculous too, that summon literally takes over a minute to sit through.

BrandanT1020d ago

Not as bad as Sephiroth's supernova.

Milkandcookies1020d ago

Counter Strike, AWP 0_0 every. damn. time

SaveMeJebus1020d ago

What about the Fision Gun from Turok? Just about shit my pants after I shot that baby off the first time.

Chuuzuu1019d ago

Hell yeah, I remember that gun too. They called it the Nuke something, cannon or gun I can't remember. You fired it and the spot it hits starts boiling with smoke and then it explodes, the screen goes white and the blast hits. Not only could you feel it onscreen but it usually knocked you off the couch too.

lastking951020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Halo ce pistol lol (halo fans will understand)

WPX1019d ago

Indeed we do lol. Though I understand the original one was even more powerful(or broken, in that sense)

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The story is too old to be commented.