The Banner Saga Review | TXH

Tobias writes "I’d like to say that I actually enjoyed this game. Like, a lot. Even before playing it, I had high expectations for The Banner Saga. I’m fairly learned in the area of turn based combat, and I’m more than partial to anything Viking themed. Even so, The Banner Saga caught me almost entirely by surprise."

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oKidUKo1520d ago

The saving problem is a real issue for me, if it gets fixed then I'll be well up for it.

neil3631520d ago

I believe there is a fix coming real soon. Fingers crossed.

yeahright21520d ago

just got this from humble bundle last night for like $5. If I like it I'll buy it full price on PS4

Tex1171520d ago

The combat did not click with me at all, but once you get into the rhythm of the game (and the story) it is really good.

Its a mix of reading a comic book and choose your own adventure.