Top 5 Must-Have iOS Games for Serious Gamers

COG writes: The iOS, as a platform, doesn’t get a lot of respect from gamers. And that is for understandable reasons – the plethora of silly, cute flash-based casual games on iPhone and iPad does make it seem that it has little to offer the serious gamer.

But if you are willing to look a little bit, you will actually find that the iOS platform does offer some pretty deep and rewarding videogame experiences. Here are the Top 5 Games on iOS that have great stories, compelling gameplay and innovative concepts that rival the great titles found on any other platform. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you need to add these ones to your collection.

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MercilessDMercer1046d ago

Great list! I only know of two of these, but it gives me a reason to push my iPhones gaming capabilities

Digital_Anomaly1046d ago

Top 5 games to play when you're taking a dump.....

generalwinter1046d ago

The number 2 game is awesome, loved that one.

GrapesOfRaf1046d ago

Oh cool, didn't know Papers, Please was on iPhone.