The Division Closed Beta Runs at 1080p Resolution on Xbox One - Initial Report

Please consider this as an initial report which may change based on further findings.

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YinYangGaming1530d ago

Frame rate isn't perfect but don't pay attention to anyone saying it's terrible because chances are they haven't even played it, also I thought this was already confirmed?

Asuka1530d ago

watching this on twitch atm, and it is looking pretty fun. can't wait to try this out for myself

Wallstreet371530d ago

Thats good for the Xbone owners. Hope they all look and perform great. Im still indecisive on whether ill be buying this game and havent tried the beta.

Wallstreet371530d ago

I didnt try it out previously because the beta was only on xbone but i will try it out on ps4 if i can.

zidane13411530d ago

Do you like cover shooters and rpgs? If so, get it. Otherwise, don't. I personally think it's really fun.

Wallstreet371530d ago

Thanks for the input, ill check it out.

WDBII1530d ago

Buy this game. It's actually fun and if you can get a couple friends to play it with you, trust. Awesomeness. lol

Wallstreet371530d ago

Thnx WB, i ordered it in amazon so i got a code.

quaneylfc1529d ago

Good for you being nice.

Fanboyism is an anti-intellectual artform

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