Top 5 Reasons We Still Love Battletoads

Do you have Battletoads? If not, it’s something to look into, as Rare is sending off the month of January with a Battletoads Theme Week! Since we’ve covered the turmoil in the Turbo Tunnel in our previous lists, and our sessions with our therapists we’ve decided to forgo repressed memories for an extended love letter for the series as a whole. Whether you’re unfamiliar with Battletoads, just getting to grips with it via Rare Replay, or you’ve been with Rash, Pimple and Zitz from the very beginning, you should find something to fawn over with our own warty retrospective in honor of this ‘Toadally radical series! From Ragnorak’s Canyon and back again, these are the Top 5 Reasons We Still Love Battletoads!

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DivineAssault 1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Ive always loved the series.. Hard as F with 2 players but still.. It was a refreshing game in comparison to tmnt.. I loved both on nes, genesis, & snes.. The double dragon team up was my least favorite.. Its a real shame the bloody arcade version never got a port.. That was the best! If i ever get xb1, rare replay will be my 1st game.. Sad i have to chose a collection of old games instead of a AAA release but thats all i want on there