Breath of Fire 3 (PSP) is coming to PSN this February

Capcom Unity: "We’ve got a special treat for you today; we’re happy to announce that Breath of Fire III is coming to PSN as a downloadable PSP game! We’ll have a few more details closer to launch, but you’ll be able to snag the game for $9.99 (USD) this February, and the game itself will be fully compatible with all hardware that plays digital PSP content – that means PSP, PS Vita, and PSTV are all supported. We’ll have a bit more information when the game launches, so stay tuned!"

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DarkOcelet1525d ago


Hopefully they make Breath Of Fire VI for the PS4.

gokuking1525d ago

I don't think you'd want Breath of Fire 6 on PS4:

DarkOcelet1525d ago

Yes, i know that crap that is coming to IOS.

I mean a true current gen BOF VI, not this crap.

KentBenMei1525d ago

I'd like that on Vita, though.

franwex1525d ago

Last PSP game perhaps?

tanukisuit1525d ago

"Class of Heroes 3" is dropping in March, by GaijinWorks. Both digital and physical release, too.

Seraphim1525d ago

Test Run? Does BoF have any relevance in the US? Let's hope it's Capcom testing the waters and it does well.

I sold my EU version shortly after I sold my PSP. Nice to know I can pick it up and at a pretty favorable price for the Vita now. Definitely happy to see a $9.99 price tag and not $15-20. Somewhat of a shame we don't see more PSP titles moved over to the Vita. Or even Tales of Eternia make the jump finally to the US. Another PSP I had to order from EU to get.

Squall50051525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Breath of Fire 3 has been on the EU PSN for years. I purchased it back in 2012 for £4.00.

It's currently only £2.00 for anyone that wants to pick it up.

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