OS are sweet, we'll definitely be squashing those: Keits & Jebailey join Bo3 to talk Killer Instinct

This week's Best of 3 is a Killer Instinct extravaganza as Brandon Alexander, owner of Ultra Arcade and organizer of the Killer Instinct World Cup, top player UA|Bass, and Iron Galaxy dynamic duo Jebailey and Keits join the broadcast.

The group first discusses the upcoming KI World Cup, including what goes into creating an event of this caliber, and which players they think will win it all.

Jebailey and Keits also field an array of questions from the audience as they call in to ask about the direction of Killer Instinct, how they feel about the development of certain characters and more. Keits even directly states that the dev team will be patching out option selects.

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