Call It A Comeback: PS1 Series Which Should Return On PS4

PS4Home: Alex takes a look over some PS1 classic series which should return to the PS4 in 1080p glory.

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Snookies121521d ago

Don't you toy with my Bushido Blade emotions. I know it'll never happen, but damn it all I can dream!

Still don't get why no other (aside from Deadliest Warrior) fighting games are like this, with swords, one hit kills and dismemberment. It's such a satisfying combat system. It's a shame we can't have a game like it in glorious HD.

3-4-51520d ago

The closest we've gotten to a bushido blade game is the deadliest warrior series.

FallenAngel19841521d ago

It's not likely a frqnchise from three generations ago could make a return and become a big hit

Eonjay1521d ago

Xeno Gears... I know I know.. but they asked what i wanted.

Godmars2901521d ago

An anime mech, as apposed to a western walking tank Battletech, game which plays like what Mass Effect suggests. Custom mechs and ships. Which still isn't what Xenogears was.

That's what I want.

eyeDEVOUR1521d ago

Kings Field, Shadow Tower and [i]ntelegent [Q]ube

cash_longfellow1521d ago

I could use a sequel to Guardian's Crusade!

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