The Force Unleashed - 4 New videos (PS3 Version)

4 New videos taken from the demo of The Force Unleashed due to be released this Thursday on PSN & Live, the videos are from the PS3 Version and are HD.

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Dark_Vendetta3714d ago

yeah that's how Too Human should have looked like. Nice graphics and good (guessing from the videos) combat

LoveSpuds3715d ago

Sorry to say it but this game looks pantaloons! Looks like a mindless button masher from this footage, will deffo be waiting for some reviews methinks.

Webswinger933714d ago

I get less and less impressed by this game everytime a new video comes around. I mean how can a stormtrooper take like five blows from a lightsaber?
It does look kinda fun though but I don't think it's a game that will keep me amused very long.
This game had such potential but now it only looks like a repetetive button-masher...

Kyur4ThePain3714d ago

I have to agree with that. It should cut him in half with the first blow.
Why can't games stay true to their origin?

ActionBastard3714d ago

Aren't games supposed to be fun? How fun would a game be with nothing but halved StormTroopers and *insert random Star Wars enemy here*? You'd prefer a game of 1 hit kills? 1 animation? 1 move?

Lucreto3714d ago

It is like most fantasy like a character gets stabbed with a spear and lost 100hp instead of bleeding slowly to death.

It is just a game we don't want anything too real.

Kyur4ThePain3714d ago

Hellz yeah!

I'd much rather have 100 of them come at me and fill the area with their split-in-two bodies than to "knock" down one guy with 5 blows, only to have him get up again. Call the game something else then. Don't call it Star Wars-anything.

TheExecutive3714d ago

this game would be a lot better if you could lop off some limbs. Storm troopers should fall with one hit of the lightsaber and should only be fillers here and there, they shouldnt be the main combatants in the game.

This guys should take on thousands of stormtroopers at a time ala heavenly sword.

It also looks like the apprentice can get shot a ton of times which makes no sense. It seems like the game is balanced weird. I dunno, with all the games coming out this fall this is a definite rental.

But seriously? stormtroopers are pawns, they should be cut in half.

Lew_Ijgee3714d ago

Because having 100 Storm Troopers, rebels, and droids firing lasers at me, from a distance, while I have to press the block button in time to counter each shot in addition to battling another Jedi, who could kill me in one successful attack, sounds like a load of fun.


micro_invader3714d ago

That sounds awesome :D You should send that idea to the developers.

(seriously, no sarcasm here)

ChickeyCantor3714d ago

@actiom bastard,
To make it balanced, they could go Dead rising style and make a army of troopers in each room.

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Whoooop3714d ago

This isn't what I was expecting gameplay wise...

Irwin3714d ago

maybe a rent for me yo

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The story is too old to be commented.