PS Plus: Free Games for February 2016

Posted by Andy Lum on Jan 27, 2016 // Sony Computer Entertainment America

This month you can protect Super Earth in an intergalactic war while feeding soup to aliens! Presenting your free PS Plus games for February on PS4.

Set in a satirical and dystopian future, Helldivers offers chaotic combat against three invading enemy species. This top-down shooter focuses heavily on teamwork, as squads battle to become Heroes of the Federation. So grab your friends and take on the invaders — just be sure to watch out for friendly fire!

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ZaWarudo994d ago

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a great fighter, i highly recommend it to anyone.
The story sucks though.

MegaRay994d ago

What a waste potential, even DAN have a good story. But hey, wont complain since its free :)

thekhurg994d ago Show
MajorLazer994d ago

I'd be lying if I said I am dissapointed with this months offerings. That's because I had zero expectations and have had so for a long time now. PS+ offerings are literally garbage now, only redeeming factor is Dirt on the PS3.

MegaRay994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


Who is this "someone"? I think you got the wrong guy lol


At this point, plus is to play online on PS4, the free indie games is like the tissues you get after eating a meal at restaurant lol

SonyWarrior994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

wont even bother wasting bandwidth on nom nom

bouzebbal993d ago

games i don't own! another good month.

Gority993d ago

@koyes and @MegaRay

You two do both realize Helldivers is a Sony published and owned IP, right? So not indie...

MegaRay993d ago


I judge games based on the game's look and content, not who publish it. I choose the word "indie" which is a poor choice of words, I meant low budget.

Helldivers to Sony is like Child of Light to Ubisoft. It is has an indie budget/developer but published by a big publisher.

Gority993d ago

I'm on board with your comment as referring to small scale games, but that's just not what indie games are. There are big budget indie titles out there too. We don't want to give the indie scene a bad rep by referring to every small game as an indie title.

MegaRay993d ago


Yeah, it just a habit for me to call small budget games Indies, but I dont call games like Oddworld or Rocket League indie, even tho they are, and im sure im not the only one xD

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ShadowKnight994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Very good selection this month!! I'm happy to be a playstation plus member! Can't wait to play Persona 4 Arena again.

nunley33994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

I have Persona 4 Arena but never bought Ultimax. I enjoyed P4 Arena so I'm glad this was added to IGC. I'll be playing Gravity Rush Remastered also,the dynamic theme I got with it is very nice too.

lvl_headed_gmr994d ago ShowReplies(3)
lipton101994d ago

Agh. I'll try them, like always, but I'm always so let down. 2D indies just aren't my thing, albeit with a few notable exceptions. I reall expected something more now that we're in the third year of the console cycle. I mean, I'd even be happy with "Thief" or the GoW3 remaster or Knack or Killzone SF.

My favorite ps+ so far was definitely outlast and walking dead season 2. Stick it to the man was brilliant. Grow home was cool. Rocket League is excellent. I know there's others I was happy with - Trine 2 was cool in 3D, but aside from them, nothing is sticking out for me. And I download and try them every single month too, no matter how disappointed my initial reaction might be.

As a dad, my little one is getting big fast and I think she might enjoy some of the 2D ones once she gets a little better with a controller and her timing. Only 4 but she already loves video games!

TheHaloGuy993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Xbl gold and ps+ been s'in sum d's. Also outlast is a fantastic game.
Also pissed towerfall ascension isn't on Xbox yet. X(

_-EDMIX-_994d ago

P4 Arena Ultrimax is a good pick!

I'm fine with they story being meh though considering it is a fighting game.

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Neonridr994d ago

Hmm.. Helldivers it is then. I actually wanted to try this one out, so I am excited to download this one for the upcoming month.

The remaining PS4/Vita titles, while artistically impressive and unique, don't fit with my gaming tastes, so I will respectfully pass on those ones.

Enjoy everyone.

KentBenMei994d ago

Same here, except not as respectfully lol. Vita gets shafted half the time, we got lucky with a Cross-Buy game this time at least. Only good games they gave specifically for Vita was Killzone and then Freedom Wars. Not exactly $50 material here.

Rookie_Monster994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

The edition of Helldivers includ es the free Democracy Strikes Back expansion. Great game.

Neonridr994d ago

oh really? If that is the case, then nothing for me.

Why give me a free expansion pack if I have to buy the main game?

the_dark_one994d ago (Edited 994d ago )


i think you read that comment wrong. the free democracy strikes back expansion IS included with the main game. if you go to the store you will only see the 20 dollars helldivers Democracy Strikes Back game which include some other dlc packs, and the complete ultimate edition which includes all dlc, some theme and another thing cant remember what for 40 dollars

ziggurcat994d ago


you've misunderstood. he's saying that you get the game, and the expansion with this offering. they have never just handed out a DLC expansion that required you to purchase the full game.

Neonridr994d ago

well sure, it looks bad now, but he edited his comment.. :P

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Hoffmann994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

woooow. Now this is an awesome month.

Looking forward to try out Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy and see what I missed by not buying Persona 4 Arena Ultimax before.

mushroomwig994d ago ShowReplies(2)