10,000 CoD Points Packages Now Available on Black Ops 3

If you're wanting to play the Black Ops 3 lottery for a chance at some of those elusive rare, legendary, and epic pieces of specialist gear, weapon attachments, and other in-game items, you can now do so with huge packages of Call of Duty points. A new option has appeared which allows players to buy a massive pile of 10,000 CoD points, the in-game currency that can be traded in the Black Market for rare supply drops.

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Jmanzare1529d ago

I feel sorry for anyone who thinks this is a good deal

FITgamer1529d ago

I have friend who's already spend more than $300 on COD Points. I give him s*** for it all the time.

Alduin1529d ago

That is a tad ridiculous. No wonder they're releasing bigger packs if people are dropping cash on it like it's crack.

FITgamer1529d ago

It's extremely ridiculous. All because he really wanted the stupid Butterfly knife. Never got it, or either of the other two supply drop weapons lol. I'd never spend a penny on cosmetic dlc for any game.

emad-E-three1529d ago

I feel sorry for anyone who keeps saying BO3 is a step forward in the franchise!
Good old CoD I fell in love with is gone, last 3 games' multiplayer is just a cash grap...damn you Activision!

Alduin1529d ago

It's not just CoD, though. It's anything Activision touches.

Look at Destiny..

Content cut prior to launch to dish out as DLC that was initially part of the vanilla game.

Microtransactions for emotes and now level boosters.

Activision turns every developer to the dark side of gaming.

emad-E-three1529d ago

I agree but Bungie owns the IP for Destiny so if they didn't want it they could have said no but still you right.

Jmanzare1529d ago

Destiny takes an average 11 1/2 hours to beat without the dlc and not including pvp cutting content and making it dlc sucks but do you really think destiny is the only game that does this? Destiny gets so much hate yet people still play this game religiously. They obviously did something right

Benjammin251529d ago

Wow, only 100 dollars! What a bargain!! Seriously, what the hell has happened to gaming lately?

Alduin1529d ago

It was only a matter of time before microtransactions transitioned to macrotransactions.

Welcome to capitalism. This is why stupid people shouldn't have disposable incomes.

TheRealTedCruz1529d ago

While I hate what the state of the games industry has become, I also believe that the market, for the most part, does regulate itself.
When I say that, I mean by way of consumer spending, itself.

Dumb packages like this wouldn't exist if it weren't for those who are actually silly enough to pay for them.
If you are dumb enough to buy $100 worth of points for a $60 retail game (with a season pass to boot), then you are dumb enough to have that money wasted.

I'll stick with buying only the best of the best at launch, waiting for a significant price drop for the rest, and then paying peanuts for whatever insignificant content pack or DLC that just so happens to catch my interest, during a Steam sale.

Mega241529d ago

The hell is CoD points?

Alduin1529d ago

Call of Duty points. In-game currency that you can use to purchase supply drops. You have to buy them using real money, though as compared to just playing the game, earning keys, and getting the drops for free.