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With its four-player co-op design, massive monsters and copious amounts of gear, you can’t look at Final Fantasy: Explorers and not compare it to Monster Hunter. They both challenge you with tracking down ever tougher beasts, and they both want you to sink in hundreds of hours by experimenting with their multiples classes and tempting loot. But while they may seem similar on the surface (probably purposefully so), it’s that all-important Final Fantasy twist that makes this a remarkably solid, and entirely different, proposition.

Like the name suggests, you’re an explorer who trots out into the wilds of the Island of Amostra to find potential crystals for harvesting. You’re effectively acting as a preliminary scouting party, clearing the land of horrible beasties and magical nuisances so that others can eventually follow to mine the goods (did no one learn anything from Avatar?!). You start out from your base in the town of Libertas taking on quests for the locals and slowly building a name for yourself, unlocking ever tougher encounters and impressive gear schematics along the way. It’s an incredibly simple premise, but that also means it never gets in the way of the game’s star attraction: its combat.

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