Review: Valhalla Hills (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard: "If the story of Valhalla Hills is anything to go by, then I'm glad I don't have Odin as a father. You see, in the beginning of Funatics Software latest God game, we are met with an angry Odin, and when the ruler of Asgard is angry, boy, is he truly pissed, and no one in the Norse mythology is safe from his anger. Odin is furious that his young son, Leko, isn't interested in getting drunk, doesn't have the bloodthirsty intent for fighting and won't plunder like a good Viking. Instead, he loves building things, which is not something a true Viking should enjoy as much as having alcoholic fuelled bar brawls. It's made worse when Leko fails in key areas of the exam of the gods, and so Odin, who has had enough with his son, appoints him as a lowly “God of the Builders” and casts him down to Earth. That isn't the only issue, as Odin is so furious with how his son has turned out, he has closed the doors to Valhalla in a hissy fit, blocking any brave, honourable, Vikings who have fallen in battle from entering the paradise of Valhalla. This is where Leko comes in as a saviour, gathering the fallen warriors together to build their way back up to Valhalla."

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