Multiple PS4 and PS VR Games Presented at Sony's Taipei Game Show Press Conference: Trailers Inside

During its Taipei Game Show Press Conference, Sony Comp… Ahem, Interactive Entertainment Showcased multiple PlayStation VR and PS4 games, and below you can check out the trailer.


Updated with another trailer for the PS4 version of Xuan-Yuan Sword Tales: The Gate of Firmament

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1526d ago
DonkeyDoner1526d ago

and they said vr is doa,look at all support around the world if sony can make it 350-400 then i'll applaud them

1526d ago Replies(5)
joeorc1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Hehehe, O!My Genesis is like a VR esk version of a clasdic 1980's game like "populous" it seems


Fantastic, hell bring on Populous

FallenAngel19841526d ago

Dear lord does Sony hold a lot of conferences all over the world.

Abriael1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

They basically have one for every major trade show. There are a few that don't even get reported because they're smaller.

Tsunade1526d ago

The JRPG game, Telltale Project VR and RIGS have my full interest.

PS4 exclusives just keep popping out of nowhere. I want to know PSVR price already.

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