Ibuypower Revolt 2 Review: A PC for Esports

"Desktop PCs haven’t changed much since the days of beige boxes that bearded men assembled for you in small shops. They’re usually anonymous looking boxes with standardized components. My personal gaming PC’s Fractal Design R4 case borders on the generic, but that’s how I like it."By Lewis Leong

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OoglyBoogly1527d ago

Yeah this is ugly and it's "features" are pretty dumb and pointless. A computer isn't a Formula 1 shouldn't have to "hot swap" SSD's. Gimmicky gimmick is gimmicky.

Eonjay1526d ago

And then I saw him take out the SSD and I said 'who would do that' out loud. I honestly can't think of a situation where I would need to hotswap an SSD. External USB hard Drives would cover every scenario I can think of.