Ubisoft To Propose Stock Split

Gamasutra : "Ubisoft is planning to offer its shareholders a two-for-one stock split,and will put the proposal up for a vote at its annual general meeting on September 22nd, according to Reuters.

As of press time, Ubisoft is trading at €63.67 (approx. $94) per share. The stock split would effectively double the number of shares that each investor holds, and in general is a sign of a positive outlook -- the halved cost per share is usually aimed at getting new investors to buy in, or at pricing the stock competitively to its industry peers....."

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bluecapone3714d ago

ubisoft needs to start making better games

shotputking3714d ago

which would probably be why they are doing this, to try to raise more capital (by lowering the pricer per share, to entice more purchases) so they have more to invest in development.