6 Things We Want In Left 4 Dead 3

The hope of a Left 4 Dead sequel has fans excited, but a simple carbon copy of the prior games isn’t enough. Here’s six things Game Rant is hoping for from Left 4 Dead 3.

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-Foxtrot1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

They can do whatever they like and I'll be fine with it...although like I've said I really want to see the old survivors return. Zoe was awesome.

Ignore the Passing/Sacrifice and let them head up to Canada

DarkOcelet1526d ago

If this game happened and they screw it up like they did with Evolve, then i will be done with Turtle Rock Studios.

FlyingFoxy1526d ago

Good point, i lost interest in Evolve once i read that it was an odd amount of players against 1 boss.. I mean that'd be like 2 teams in L4D with 1 player on infected always playing as the Tank, would get boring real quickly.

-Foxtrot1526d ago

Well Turtle Rock aren't doing it are they?

I thought that's why Valve f***** us over with L4D2 because they wanted it to quickly become a Valve franchise not Turtle Rock like the original.

It's why the tones are so different...I mean killing a tank with a frying pan

Come on, the gritty, doom and gloom theme is what made me fall in love with the original. Not to mention the survivors were more believable.

Paytaa1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

@Foxtrot Valve does tend to do that. I mean essentially they've never really created their own game aside from Half Life. They just built upon what others did.

Counter-Strike was a Half Life mod
Day of Defeat was a Half Life mod
Team Fortress was a Quake mod
DOTA was a Warcraft 3 mod
L4D1 was by Turtle Rock
Portal was made by interns to test out physics which in turn became a success so they made a sequel.

ABizzel11526d ago

I just want them to port LFD2 to the XBO and PS4, or at least make it backwards compatible on XBO.

Lenrulesdaworld1526d ago

well bud you got your wish cause its out on x1 via bc

crazychris41241526d ago

This is a cool idea from the article

"Left 4 Dead 3 could benefit from an expansion of this concept, perhaps with another mutation. Introducing escape sequences that have two-seaters, three-seaters, or even randomizing the number of players who can escape and forcing teams that were once allies to turn on each other could be a lot of fun."

ScorpiusX1526d ago

Think his big wish is a multi-plat game .... lol

FlyingFoxy1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I sent suggestions to Valve over a year ago a few things to improve the formula, though i suspect it didn't even get read.

Really would like to see certain additions like different types of team work like having to put out fires to access certain areas.. nothing that takes ages or is fiddly, i mean the game is about fighting infected afterall.

More randomness to the levels rather than just little shortcuts that open up, add a few more special infected and uncommons. Selectable weather or dynamic day/night would be nice to change the feel of the maps too.

I have tons of hours logged in L4D2, literally.. my most played game ever. Actually a very unhealthy amount of hours. Heh.

-Foxtrot1526d ago

"like different types of team work like having to put out fires to access certain areas.. nothing that takes ages or is fiddly, i mean the game is about fighting infected afterall"

If they have it structured where once you clear a certain area the infected don't keep spawning as much then this could work. I always found it weird if you were in a place and cleared it out more infected would zoom round the corner like they knew where you are...they should be like wandering hordes which only come when they are altered.

Thefreeman0121526d ago

How about we wait till it's real first

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