Why Gamers Should be Clamoring for Dragon’s Dogma 2

2012’s sleeper hit seemed poised to become a major JRPG franchise. So why is there no proper sequel yet?

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gangsta_red1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I would love it if Capcom announced a new Dragon's Dogma game for consoles.

I loved playing the first one...even though I never finished it. Hopefully one day it will come to GwG and then be free to download and play on X1.

But yea, this, a new Onimusha and throw in a sequel to Asura's Wrath (with less QTE's) and I would never complain about Capcom again.

DarkOcelet1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

All i want from Capcom is...

Dragon's Dogma 2
Resident Evil Outbreak File 3
Asura's Wrath 2
Onimusha 5
Dino Crisis 4
Megaman Legends 3
Resident Evil 3 Remake
Okami 2
Devil May Cry 5
Breath Of Fire 5

gangsta_red1522d ago

Wow...Capcom just has so many great IP's just collecting dust.

1522d ago
hellothere19771522d ago

scratch breath of fire 5 off your list. its been out since the ps2 days.

DarkOcelet1522d ago


My bad, i thought i wrote Breath Of Fire 6 and not that IOS crap.

I want a current gen Breath Of Fire game. Imagine how awesome it will look in Phanta Rhei Engine :3

ThunderPulse1522d ago

Man a reboot of Dino Crisis would be awesome.

CorndogBurglar1522d ago

Dude. I would love a new Onimusha.

Seraphim1522d ago

I don't know that I'd trust Capcom to make a new Okami. If they could recapture the glory and do it properly, make a phenomenal game then by all means, YES PLEASE!

Dragons Dogma I finally played last year and it was a solid game. It could have used more and been better but at the end of the day it was enjoyable and good.

I absolutely loved Asura's Wrath and think a more action oriented (less QTE as _Red stated) would be great. However it likely sold about the same as Okami or less so I really don't see and unlike Okami it doesn't have quite the cult following.

Breath of Fire was my very first RPG and it's a great series. It's really a shame they don't develop a new one on a smaller budget for the fans. Onimusha is long overdue. We don't have enough Ninja/Samurai games and this would be a great time for them to revamp the series. Hopefully SFV banks and they use the money to develop something great whether it be a new IP or one of these classics.

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Germany71522d ago

Because it's pointless, we want a sequel for Dragon's Dogma since 2012, but Capcom created a mmorpg for the series instead.

We are still waiting for series like Dino Crisis, Mega Man and Onimusha to come back.

xPhearR3dx1522d ago

The MMO is actually really good. That's not the problem. The problem is they aren't bringing it to the West (at least not any time soon). As much as I'd love a sequel, I'd also be okay with Dragons Dogma Online as well. I've played about 60 hours with an English translation pack and the game is really damn good.

Niceman911522d ago

Whatever happened to Deep Down? The last I heard, Capcom was scrapping their current plans and have begun to redesign the game. It would be great if they announced that they are using the assets and game-engine for Dragons Dogma 2 instead!

Festano1522d ago

I want Dragon's Dogma Online here!!!

cogniveritas1522d ago

I've definitely wanted a Dragon's Dogma 2. The wilderness and the dungeon areas of the original were great but I would like to see bigger cities and more vibrant lively societies scattered about.

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