Suzuki SXBox Xbox 360 Concept Car Pictures!

Yesterday, TeamXbox brought you the exclusive on the Suzuki SXBox, one of the company's all-new "Suzuki LIVE Series" concept vehicles based on the 2007 SX4 displayed at the 2006 San Diego International Auto Show.

Built by ASC of Huntington Beach, Calif., and based on the 2007 SX4 compact sport X-over, the SXBox is designed for Xbox 360 fans. The Suzuki SX4 concept receives mild performance upgrades, including high-flow airbox/intake, cat-back exhaust, an enhanced suspension and multi-piston alloy brake calipers mated to cross-drilled, vented rotors.

The SXBox also is equipped with an impressive, high-performance wheel and tire package, providing gamers with the means to get to the nearest gaming competition. When parked, the SXBox's pearl white exterior is illuminated courtesy of a green LED accent kit.

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Sphinx5246d ago

I would buy this car... as long as it was in the $30k range.

DEIx15x85246d ago

Those two rear passenger screens are both 4x3 and both projection screens look to be 4x3. Why would they make this Xbox 360 car without any 16x9 720P displays. I can understand the projectors to cut down price but the LCDs are not much more expensive and the same size to go to HD.

no_more_heroes5245d ago

That would be cool as hell. Even better, if you could switch between controlling the actual car and the game on the 360, maybe by pressing a button or something. You can be driving normally with all the buttons having an actual function (like the 360 guide button used to bring up the GPS) and then swith to 360 mode and play a game of PGR3 or something.